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Wash + dry / Wheels cleaned / Tyres dressed / Quick interior vacuum


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​Wash + dry / Hand wax / Wheels cleaned / Tyres dressed / Interior vacuum / Boot vacuum / Inside glass cleaned / Shampoo seats + carpets + mats


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​Interior only + Interior Sanitisation


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Wash + dry / Quick Polish / Wheels cleaned / Tyres dressed / Quick interior vacuum / Boot vacuum / Fresh Scent


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​Interior vacuum / Boot vacuum / Inside glass cleaned / Shampoo and extract; seats + carpets + mats / Detailed Leather cleaning / Fresh interior spray


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​Sanitising of your vehicle interior using our Ozone Sanitation machine. This kills 99.9% of bacteria leaving your interior bacteria free. Also removes stale and lingering smells including pet odours, milk, smoke etc. 


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Wash + dry / Wheels cleaned / Tyres dressed / Interior vacuum / Boot vacuum / Inside glass cleaned / Clean seats + carpets


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Wash + dry / Hand wax / Wheels cleaned / Tyres sheened / 3-stage machine polish / Interior vacuum / Boot vacuum & shampoo / Inside glass cleaned / Shampoo & extract; seats + carpets + mats / Leather cleaning or fabric steam clean / Odour eliminator




Complete clean of baby pram/buggy using non-toxic and baby safe products.

€75 Standard Pram

€100 Full Travel 3-in-1 system

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